Travel Health

50% of travelers face health issues during their journey

Don’t ruin your trip due to falling ill

Health conditions related to travel are easily preventable

Altitude Illness

Motion Sickness

Infectious Diseases

Jet Lag

Why we created Healwood?

Your susceptibility to health risk change with destination and purpose of travel. We want to help you prevent them.

We provide personalised information and travel health services in one place

Jet lag plan

Vaccination plan

Travel products

Personalised checklist

Traveling with specific needs?

Healwood provides a detailed personalized health assessment that will help you and your physician get better outcomes for a healthy and safe trip to your destination.




Senior citizens

How it works

Fill in details

Journey, health and personal preferences

Get personalised assessment

Risks at your destination, recommendations and customizable checklists

Receive Notifications

Notifications and alerts till the time of your journey

Happy Journey!

Have a healthy and safe trip with Healwood!

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